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Wig dress up make the fictional trend real


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From the earliest Shakespeare play date, to the current screen, screen, stage, wig no doubt has been cast modeling essential props. It is in the film and television drama show production plays a varied role, for the audience to bring flawless watching experience at the same time, also gradually lead a unique fashion scene.

Wig in the film and television works of multiple function

It is due to the presence of wig, Ellizabeth Taylor can be in" Cleopatra" in a satin silky black hair to show Cleo Petra's rare beauty, Cher to" moonstruck" by wild in messy curls interpret the character case alone, street band Steve Van Ramt can be in his acting career instead of wearing his top iconic turban.

However, and theatrical, television drama works about wigs use is good and bad. Make good use of the wig made it almost unnoticeable, with not good wig will distract the viewer to the attention. Now in the film and television industry, high resolution photography technology is widely used to make the actor modelling of every detail can be clear, so, if the wig used improperly, will let the audience realized, this is an actor, the whole story is simply acting in a play, come so the audience" dramatization" degree will be greatly reduced, thereby affecting the entire view experience.

Actor performance about wigs use, it has a variety of reasons. In some cases, actor needed by the wig to complete the form because of their hair to address different needs work: actor Morena Bakary in the premiere of" national security" as a wife when he wore a long hair, this is because before her in another movie plays an alien, shaved hair too late in the short time, so only by the wig to finish the home of female image. In another film called" the magic city" movie, actor Olga Kurylenko has a short hair wig to cover their hair, to be the cause of her shampoo endorsement contract required her hair to maintain a considerable length.

In some cases, stylist uses the wig because actors their hair to be shaped into film roles to achieve results. In last year's hit blockbuster" Monroe and me" in one week, as Marilyn Monro Michel Williams used a wig. Responsible for the whole hair design makeup artist Jenny Selkol said, Williams's own bangs on the" Monroe style" is a bit too short, so only by the wig to restore Monroe 's sexy image.

In addition, the wig may also be in the long filming process to maintain the consistency of character modeling. In the movie" money first", the director asked Stephanie Prum actress with a slightly messy long curly hair to reflect its tough with personality, plays the role of Kathrine Heigl soft hair very hard every day to keep the curly shape. " Every day for the actor's hair to form, is not only a waste of time and can cause hair inconsistencies in the may." Responsible for the Heigl hair Sean Flannigan said," the wig of appropriate use, it is a good solution to the problem."

Of course, there is an important function of wig: protect the actor hair perm damage by repeated modeling. Naturally curly hair actress Juliana Margolis in the drama" the good wife" played a role to have straight hair, she chose to wear a wig instead of turning the hair straightening. " Many actresses do not want to take on when frequently to hair styling, because the hot dyeing process will cause some damage to the hair." The" revenge" actor hairdo director Karl Bailey said," curly woman, or black women in this regard will be more, because their hair is fragile."

Hairpiece modelling success or failure, cause have

Now, with the wig production technology progress, in film and television works using a wig quality is quite high, be true. Like in the" good wife" in a dreary wig, and those in the" money" first" me and Marilyn Monroe" a week in used, are used to prepare high quality lace wig. In general, the wig is made up of wig maker manual. They will put every one to three root hair Crochet into fine mesh lace, whilst ensuring in the process direction of the hair can get a reasonable arrangement, as far as possible, with the hair on the scalp of natural growth condition match. For several weeks long patience handmade, to make a high quality wigs, and its market price is as high as 4000,10000dollars.

However, the wig in film and television works success not only and its quality, application of wig in which also play a very important role. " If you just randomly the actor's hair wrapped up, then put a wig on top of the head, it will make the hair look stupid." Film and television design ethics, Alba said," you have to get the hair in a certain direction with a hairpin fixed, and then use the fine Snood Hair integral hood, wrapped up, close to look as if the actor is bald, only such wig will let the whole shape more natural." Of course, Alba also expresses, as the movie special effects technology mature, even though the wig is worn not natural enough, also can be in post-production time correction. " But, personally, can use without trace wig, is a very worth stylist I feel proud."

Then, as in the film and television works used wigs are generally high quality quality products, to actor modeling makeup artist levels are generally higher, then why do some actors to wear the wig styling looks more good results?

Perhaps the next this example can be produced to explain the reasons for this situation: strict adherence to the teachings of the Jews, according to their custom, when women get married must use his covered with hair wig. In the wedding a few days later, their wigs in many " eyes will look somewhat less natural, even quirky. This may be because they are accustomed to looking at their natural hair, this sudden change will make people feel not know what course to take. But it is also possible to wear a wig wig between people of the same needs time to "adjust". A few weeks later, married Jewish women to wear wigs in feeling, when more freely, can say, wig became a part, and in others it seems, wig will seem more natural.

The gradual process of adaptation, perhaps can explain why not long time to wear the wig actors sometimes does not seem natural. Take in the United States of America NBC television drama" life" in alcoholics anonymous actress Chelsea Handler wig, wig for her appearance seems less like nature itself -- highest quality, most likely because Handler's film the very tight schedule, her weekly just spend the day time in that film acting, so she probably does not have enough time to get used to the wig to her feelings and a change in shape.

Wigs became fashion new favorite

For the strictly Orthodox Jewish Jewish women, wearing a wig and wig styling was one of their compulsory homework. A company named" Milan wig sets " wig shop owner Izzie Geisinski said:" for this type of consumers, wig represent is not their presents some gesture, but an interpretation of the nature of their own, because they almost whenever and wherever possible should wear a wig. So, for they order right wig is our important mission wig business."

In fact, now the wig is not only movie props, or because of religious, medical and other needs and must wear a tool. In the absence of specific religious beliefs, not to pursue a career in acting crowd, wig as a fashion accessory and becoming more popular popular. " The younger generation of more and more people have started to accept the wig as fashion jewelry function" film" the Hunger Games," chief hairdo director Linda D Fluhr said," I have a very small niece, she now wants a wig as a Christmas gift." While the girl was not the only one to chase the fashion people. " Actor Woody Harrison himself is bald", Flowers in" the Hunger Games" for his design of a suitable for his image of the wig styling," he was very like his wig, and he told me that he hoped the hair if his own good."